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Hong Kong’s thriving cultural district helps the local backstage flourish

Hong Kong’s backstage is growing fast and the new West Kowloon Cultural District is part of this new cultural ecosystem.



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Hong Kong’s thriving cultural district helps the local backstage flourish
23 Temmuz 2023 - 12:00


Esnek veya Sabit Ölçü Verebilirsiniz.

Hong Kong’s cultural scene is expanding at a rapid pace thanks to a brand new space called. West Kowloon Cultural Districtbuilt from scratch.

It covers 40 hectares, the equivalent of more than 16 football fields, and is located on the shores of Victoria Harbour. It is expected to include more than a dozen venues. This Xiqu CenterChinese opera and free space centerIt’s already there for contemporary performance.

More than a museum

center piece, M+ museum opens in November. director Suhanya Raffel explained why it is called M+. Because “digital work works together with technology, physical objects and works of art to create something very new”, it’s more than a museum.

M+ museum, Hong Kong

According to him, the interdisciplinary nature of the collections creates a kind of discovery when you visit the site. Screenings such as cinema are right next to ink painting and video games that take place next to architecture.

Raffel also argues that this is an architectural discovery. The design was delivered by Swiss architectural firm Herzog and de Meuron, adding a landmark building to Hong Kong. “In a vertical city (…) we have a strictly horizontal museum,” explains Raffel.

A new interpretation of Chinese art

Another new cultural landmark, Hong Kong Palace Museum , also built on the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. It will house artifacts from the Beijing Palace Museum. Its principal, Louis Ng, believes it will be a milestone in the city’s cultural development as it will play a “new role in the interpretation of Chinese backgrounds and culture.”

Hong Kong Palace Museum

Objects expected to be found here include paintings, lines, decorative backs, textiles, bronze and ceramic items. All pieces will be borrowed from the Palace Museum. In addition to these screenings, multimedia presentations will also be made.

The building itself references traditional Chinese architecture and architecture, but the design is a new interpretation of Chinese aesthetics.

A new cultural center

All these new additions to the Hong Kong backstage take advantage of the city’s cultural ecosystem, including the following galleries: VillepinBackground that fuses Asian and European cultures.

Arthur de Villepin, co-owner of Villepin arka, talks about the impact these new cultural venues have had. More broadly, he says, Hong Kong is truly known as a financial centre, but “thanks to these institutions, Hong Kong has become a cultural scene or a hub for the back.”

The new venues attract people from all walks of life, which Arthur de Villepin believes will bring more to Hong Kong, especially in terms of how people look backstage there.



Esnek veya Sabit Ölçü Verebilirsiniz.

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