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Rock Star reception for Tim Burton at the Festive Lumière in Lyon

Nearly 500 screenings, a rock star welcome to emotional veteran director Tim Burton, and masterclasses from actress Monica Bellucci. This year’s Festival Lumière in Lyon celebrated the past and present of cinema in style.



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Rock Star reception for Tim Burton at the Festive Lumière in Lyon
06 Mart 2023 - 0:00


Esnek veya Sabit Ölçü Verebilirsiniz.

This year, Tim Burton receives the prestigious Lumière Award, which honors big names in the world of cinema every year in Lyon.

He joins the select list of predecessors like Quentin Tarantino, Pedro Almodovar, and last year’s Jane Campion.

A real success and proof of the public’s love for the American filmmaker who has made some of the masterpieces of cinema through ‘Batman’ to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, the list is long. .

He was greeted by a rock star during his visit to the Institut Lumière in Lyon, especially where the Lumière brothers shot ‘La Sortie des Usines Lumière’, the first feature film in cinema history.

“I’m a primitive person. When I started making my super-eight little movies, that’s why I love stop-motion, I love the art style, and it goes all the way back to the beginning of cinema and it was like magic. Could there be a better place to be great, the energy of this place is amazing to feel that”.

Tim Burton
Cinema Director

For Tim Burton Night, rooms filled to the brim like Halle Tony-Garnier, which has turned into the world’s largest indoor movie theater with a capacity of 5000 people, and incredible energy.

In addition to nearly 500 screenings, the festival also featured masterclasses such as Monica Bellucci’s masterclasses, who talked about her acting career and her latest film, The Girl in the Fountain, dedicated to another icon of cinema. , Anita Ekberg.

Anita Ekberg at La Dolce Vita

The Girl at the Fountain is making its premiere at Lumière Şenlik, the ideal venue of a cinema that combines reality and fiction, past and present.

“Tim Burton reminds me a lot of Fellini because he’s a very illustrator and I think these films really make us dream and rise…”.

monica bellucci

The Lyon Festival is a heritage festival. You can watch movies that contain so many archives, historical movies, restored movies, and this keeps young people in touch with the past, with those who have created and continue to create the power of cinema and art.said Monica Bellucci.

There were many retrospectives at the Lumière Festival, including American filmmaker James Gray, who came with his latest feature film ‘Armageddon Time’.

“It’s going to take many years of a collaborative effort to keep making films that push some boundaries and then just hope that the audience will come back. I’m a little optimistic about that because I feel like there’s always room.” for something different”.

James Gray
American Filmmaker

The semi-autobiographical story of his childhood in Queens New York, where he faced anti-Semitism, discrimination and social inequality.

James Gray is a demanding writer who has managed to deliver personal films that have remained popular despite pressure from major studios and platforms.

14th Festival Lumière ended with a standing ovation and victory for Tim Burton, who left Lyon with stars in his eyes.



Esnek veya Sabit Ölçü Verebilirsiniz.

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